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Pursuant to current United States Postal Service regulations and other State and Federal laws, Outstanding Expectations, its officers, staff and employees are unable to make claims as to the effectiveness of products sold on this site or in our showroom for medicinal or health purposes. Items are sold as curios, entertainment, enjoyment, display, decor, wearable or food and drink items (where categorized) only.

Any information provided is from historical or traditional uses and is indented to help you make informed buying decisions, not as a substitute for competent medical care or any other claim.

Any topical products should be tested on a small area before widespread use to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. The same caution applies to ingesting any food or drink product to check for any allergic reaction from small amounts prior to general use.
Any oils are for anointing only and not for internal use.
Herbs can be toxic or otherwise dangerous. We strongly recommend that you reference a good herbal guide for proper use, cautions and additional information before using them. Any herbs sold on this site are for ritual use only, not for consumption, cooking or medicinal purposes.

All liability is assumed in full by the purchaser for implementation and use of any products available through this site, any catalog, flier or associated linked sites.

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